Terms of Service


Oak Loop Properties implements proprietary methods in its property management operations, listings, marketing campaigns, and more. The client commits to not disseminate or communicate, to any public, private, or non-Oak Loop Properties approved sources, any specifics regarding Oak Loop Properties, its practices, business model, employees, or personal data. The client and all its affiliates shall not distribute any forms, contracts, documents, contacts, or any other material provided by Oak Loop Properties, unless explicitly sanctioned in writing by Oak Loop Properties.


Copyrights & Trademarks

The Client guarantees that any elements of text, images, graphics, photos, designs, videos, trademarks, or other artwork provided to Oak Loop Properties for use are either owned by the Client or they have been granted permission from the legitimate owner for its use. The Client will defend, protect, and hold Oak Loop Properties and its associates free from any legal challenge or dispute stemming from the use of the materials provided by the Client.




Client pledges to defend, indemnify, save, and hold Oak Loop Properties immune from any and all claims, responsibilities, losses, and expenses, inclusive of attorney’s fees, associated with Oak Loop Properties’ delivery of services. This covers liabilities made against Oak Loop Properties, its partners, agents, clients, officers, and staff, resulting from any service or product provided, offered, or any action taken by the Client or its representatives.



Rights Upon Termination of Agreement

Upon settlement of any dues as per this agreement, Oak Loop Properties will transfer and provide to the Client all property and resources in Oak Loop Properties’ possession that belong to the Client.





Any disagreements stemming from this contract will be arbitrated or litigated within the state where the contract was enacted. This agreement is governed by the laws of the state where it was signed.




Payment of Services

If the Client elects to partner with Oak Loop Properties, they agree to a monthly contract basis, unless stated otherwise. Any intention to cease services must be communicated to Oak Loop Properties 45 days in advance through email or certified mail. Payments are to be made as agreed regardless of the payment method.


Termination of Services

On ending the service contract, Oak Loop Properties will provide specifics about client-related data at its discretion, executing such discretion reasonably. The Client commits to not retaining payments to leverage data or resolve any issue. Oak Loop Properties reserves the right to end this agreement if the Client breaches, or intends to breach, any component of this agreement.



Oak Loop Properties does not assure or guarantee specific property management outcomes, tenant behaviors, or return on property investments.


Promise to Pay

The Client commits to pay Oak Loop Properties the agreed property management and other related costs. All payments must be made in U.S. Dollars.



Collection Costs

In the event of non-payment, the Client will be responsible for all collection-related expenses, including attorney’s fees, collection costs, and court fees, as permitted by applicable law.



No Oral Modification

Modifications to this agreement can only be made in writing. This document is the sole representation of the agreement between Oak Loop Properties and the Client, except any subsequent written changes.

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