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Find one of the best cities for an investment property in the greater Houston area – Katy!

There are tons of places to visit in Katy, Texas that could give you all the difference. No wonder rental homes in the Katy area slowly outnumber the neighbouring cities. Located west Houston, Katy, Texas is famous with its Katy Heritage Society Railroad Museum where you find a brief history of missouri kansas texas railroad, vintage farming equipment and antiques. Apart from that, there’s also Leafy Mary Jo Peckham Park that’s dominated by a fish-filled lake, and more.


Furthermore, if you want to invest in rental properties, we can help you get started.

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Professional Property Management Company in Katy, Texas

If you’re considering buying property in Katy, contact Oak Loop Properties to find out how we can help. We offer a full service property management services that includes access to a reliable network of fully vetted maintenance personnel, rent collection services, tenant screening, and so much more. Our Katy property managers (real estate agents) team consists of licensed professional, experienced property management companies with decades of experience serving the Katy area and we take pride in serving our clients properties.

Oak Loop Properties is a full service Katy residential Property Management Company with property management throughout Houston and surrounding areas. We offer free assessment and have a home search tool on our website that you can use to get a free property management analysis on your Katy home. 

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Katy Rental Property Management

When you look for an investment property in Katy, Texas, you should think about how you will manage your new rental homes property. From simple maintenance services, tenant screening, rent collection to communicating with residents, property management can be complicated and time-consuming. That’s why employing a team of professionals who know both the property management industry and the Katy area is the best way to increase the return on your investment.

Keep all property management services off your plate, and have the right property management company do the Katy property management job for you – and that’s OAK LOOP PROPERTIES

Katy Property Management Services We Offer:

Our Katy property managed uses a web-based property management system and provide our property owners with online access to view their financial statements.

Our in-house experienced maintenance staff and preferred vendor relationships will save you time and money as well as ensure the repairs are done in a guaranteed professional manner.

We follow proven and standard practices when it comes to collecting rent. However, in the event a tenant can no longer meet their rental obligation, we will handle the eviction process swiftly.

Full Credit, Income, Employment and Criminal Screening. Every effort is made to find tenants with excellent credit and rental history. We ensure you get the best and no head-scratcher tenant to occupy your Katy Property.

Your property will be advertised on the best leasing sites on the internet every month. We assure that you’ll get the best tenant candidate even with ample time. We have negotiated exclusive contracts with major advertising providers to ensure top placement and frequency.

All properties we manage are visited on a regular basis to ensure they are being well maintained by the tenants. These visits are done by qualified employees who will inform you of any issues that need to be addressed. Visits also can be unannounced to tenants to observe how your rental property is going.

Katy Property Management By OAK LOOP PROPERTIES

Oak Loop Properties Katy Property Management is the best real property management to work with in all areas of Houston. We make it easy to safeguard your investment, decrease expenses, and increase profits—without interfering in your daily life. Our professional property management services manage rental properties & apartment complexes from property owners in the greater Houston area and surrounding suburbs for small and large investors.

We handle:

We utilize leases drafted by qualified attorneys to ensure that your exposure is limited and your asset is protected.

When tenants have inquiries and concerns, real estate agents will be the one to answer on behalf of property owners.

Property Management in Katy Texas

It our job at Oak Loop Property Management to ensure that your investment property is properly handled. The property manager will surely process and assess tenant screening beforehand and will also evict troublesome clients from your residential rental property. It is a significant hassle managing your rental property considering the legal, physical, and social attributes there are to cater to. If you do not want to be continuously stressed as a property owner, it is time for you to take decisive action and hire the best property management company in town that can fully provide full property management services.


Katy property management service by Oakloop is the perfect solution for real estate owners with rental property in the Katy Metropolitan area. We do the full assistance and manage your rental home property full-time. Handling property leasing on your own might be complicated, especially when you have an extensive investment portfolio. Katy Houston property management experts are always at your service.

Bookkeeping and tax accounting

We’ll help you understand the deductions you’re entitled to, and will assist in organizing the required documents and forms for claiming those deductions. Incidentally, the fees you pay for our Anaheim property management company services are tax deductible.

Less legal problems

Legal problems are quite costly and very time-consuming. We are highly knowledgeable of the most recent landlord-tenant laws, with many years of Property Management experience.

Higher tenant retention rates

For property investors with multiple rentals, you’ll benefit from our proven tenant retention techniques. Our policies ensure that your tenants will be happier and stay longer.

Increased property value

We put preventative measures in place to respond to any maintenance and repair issues that may arise over time. Regular maintenance visits, written checklists, and detailed documentation of the work performed are part of this preventative system.

Higher quality tenants

We believe in tenants who stay longer, pay their rent on time, cause less wear and tear on your property, and generally create fewer problems. We have seen literally thousands of rental applications and can quickly spot the warning signs of potential problems with a particular applicant.

Short vacancy cycles

As your Anaheim property management company, Oak Loop Properties will do the follow to ensure vacancy periods remain short:

  • Determine the best rental price for your property
  • Effectively advertise your rental property
  • Recommend any improvement so it is prepared to lease or rent

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