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You might have been browsing “Best Places to Live” on your search engine, and Friendswood Texas has popped up. Well yes, this area was named one of the 100 “Best Places to Live” in America by CNN/Money magazine in 2007, marking it one of 900 smaller cities to be honoured since the rankings started in 2005.

If you’re a Friendswood property owner, why not transform your space into rental property haven to tens of thousands tenants who’d want to experience living in Friendswood rental homes?

Furthermore, if you want to invest in rental properties, we can help you get started.

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Friendswood Texas, Rental Property

Friendswood is an independent city located about 22 miles southeast of Downtown Houston. The city is nestled in the area south of the Beltway, west of I-45 (Gulf Freeway) and east of Texas Highway 35 (S Main Street). Friendswood covers a 20.9-square mile area, and is adjacent to Pearland.

Friendswood is not the largest city in the state, but the area is home to Galveston and Harris Counties. The Houston–The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan area also includes it.

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Property Management Company

If you’re looking for the best property manager or property management company in town, make sure you get only the best ones – and you can identify who’s the best fit by way of how they handle their clients’ properties or high quality partnerships they’ve built through great service.

Friendswood Property Management by Oak Loop Properties

If you’re considering buying property in Friendswood, Oak Loop Properties is the most sought property management team to help you. Oak Loop Properties consist of real estate professionals or property managers that have demonstrated a history of property management following the state and local laws of Friendswood.

We offer a full service property management package that includes access to a reliable network of fully vetted maintenance personnel, rent collection services, tenant screening, and so much more. We also have a free home search tool on our website that you can use to get a free assessment on your Friendswood home. 

Property Management Services

Working with Oak Loop Properties, we commit to keep the exhausting, stressful, and headache side of property management off of your plate. We aim to offer you only the best property management services not only in the friends wood area but all other service areas we handle. We want you and your tenants to be delighted with our services, so we go our way to manage your property without any hassle to you.

Our Services include:

At Friendswood Property Management, we perform inspections before, during, and after a tenancy. Property managers have specific systems and processes to ensure that they thoroughly review the property from top to bottom before offering it to the new tenant.

We also have listed properties on several marketing websites, including MLS and scheduled showings, to ensure maximum rental market exposure to reach potential tenants. Sugar land property will also accept online applications. Our methods help us lease your property quickly to a quality tenant!

We conduct comprehensive screening on all prospective tenants to ensure we choose the highest quality tenants who will respect property owners and to reach the owners rental investment’s potential. We evaluate credit, income, employment, residential or rental history, and criminal history.

We utilize leases drafted by qualified attorneys to ensure that your exposure is limited and your asset is protected.

Tenants can pay via five different convenient payment options to avoid hassle in collecting rent. We also provide lease enforcement when late rent matters arise and more. Owners have access to a detailed ledger associated with their property.

We call on our long list of expert technicians and contractors to coordinate maintenance requests for repairs to your property most efficiently and cost-effectively. We take advantage of unbeatable volume pricing from our trusted vendors to keep your costs low!

When tenants have inquiries and concerns, real estate agents will be the one to answer on behalf of property owners. We vow to let only and only the appropriate person stay in your space.

To increase occupancy, Friendswood property managed all the renewal of leases 45 days in advance of expiration of the rental property.

We utilize a fully computerized trust accounting, financial reporting and provide timely, accurate reports to you via our Owner’s Portal or mail.

We offer the convenience of a direct deposit into your account by the 10th of every month for the rent collection.

Working With Oak Loop Properties

This is simply the start, and we are not just limited to these areas. We will work with you regarding both your property location and property management. Begin reaping the benefits of investing in a property today.

It our job to ensure that your investment property is properly handled. The property manager will surely process and assess tenant screening beforehand and will also evict troublesome clients from your residential Friendswood property. It is a significant hassle managing on your own considering the legal, physical, and social attributes there are to cater to. If you do not want to be continuously stressed as a property owner, it is time for you to take decisive action and hire the best property management company in town that can fully provide full property management services.

Friendswood property management service by Oak Loop Properties is the perfect solution for real estate owners with rental property in the Friendswood area. We do the full assistance and manage your rental home property full-time. Handling property leasing on your own might be complicated, especially when you have an extensive investment portfolio. Friendswood Texas property management experts are always at your service.

Bookkeeping and tax accounting

We’ll help you understand the deductions you’re entitled to, and will assist in organizing the required documents and forms for claiming those deductions. Incidentally, the fees you pay for our Anaheim property management company services are tax deductible.

Less legal problems

Legal problems are quite costly and very time-consuming. We are highly knowledgeable of the most recent landlord-tenant laws, with many years of Property Management experience.

Higher tenant retention rates

For property investors with multiple rentals, you’ll benefit from our proven tenant retention techniques. Our policies ensure that your tenants will be happier and stay longer.

Increased property value

We put preventative measures in place to respond to any maintenance and repair issues that may arise over time. Regular maintenance visits, written checklists, and detailed documentation of the work performed are part of this preventative system.

Higher quality tenants

We believe in tenants who stay longer, pay their rent on time, cause less wear and tear on your property, and generally create fewer problems. We have seen literally thousands of rental applications and can quickly spot the warning signs of potential problems with a particular applicant.

Short vacancy cycles

As your Anaheim property management company, Oak Loop Properties will do the follow to ensure vacancy periods remain short:

  • Determine the best rental price for your property
  • Effectively advertise your rental property
  • Recommend any improvement so it is prepared to lease or rent

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