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Lots of people want to start managing their rental property by themselves. But it takes a certain level of commitment and they need to be realistic about what comes with a decision like that. Renting out your property might seem like a boring prospect, but think about the results of renting it out and how they get better over time.

Regardless of what you may have heard, there is a lot involved when it comes to managing properties and if you are going it alone, then understanding every aspect of the process will be important. If not, then you may find your workload increasing, which has the potential to make things more difficult for yourself. With property management companies now on the rise, it’s not just because they are saving us time or effort but also because they offer key services and advice that most landlords would never be able to provide themselves. In order to become a DIY landlord, you’re going to need a fair amount of knowledge about renting out properties. One thing that’s important is that you don’t go in without a strategy and try to see what happens.

Our articles below is going to go over different aspects of renting property as a DIY landlord. Below, you can follow and see our different topics regarding property managenemt DIY.

Bookkeeping and tax accounting

We’ll help you understand the deductions you’re entitled to, and will assist in organizing the required documents and forms for claiming those deductions. Incidentally, the fees you pay for our Anaheim property management company services are tax deductible.

Less legal problems

Legal problems are quite costly and very time-consuming. We are highly knowledgeable of the most recent landlord-tenant laws, with many years of Property Management experience.

Higher tenant retention rates

For property investors with multiple rentals, you’ll benefit from our proven tenant retention techniques. Our policies ensure that your tenants will be happier and stay longer.

Increased property value

We put preventative measures in place to respond to any maintenance and repair issues that may arise over time. Regular maintenance visits, written checklists, and detailed documentation of the work performed are part of this preventative system.

Higher quality tenants

We believe in tenants who stay longer, pay their rent on time, cause less wear and tear on your property, and generally create fewer problems. We have seen literally thousands of rental applications and can quickly spot the warning signs of potential problems with a particular applicant.

Short vacancy cycles

As your Anaheim property management company, Oak Loop Properties will do the follow to ensure vacancy periods remain short:

  • Determine the best rental price for your property
  • Effectively advertise your rental property
  • Recommend any improvement so it is prepared to lease or rent

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